Organisation transformation – our story

What makes us such a valuable partner is that our story also includes a path of organisation transformation.

Our turning point was when we decided to start Xenergie and leave the relative security of corporate careers behind. This decision to move into leadership and team development coaching was further strengthened in 2008, when the economic downturn moved global goal posts significantly. It generated exciting opportunities for our business, but also made us personally aware of the hazards that face any organisation today.

The ‘systemic coaching’ market is relatively new. It emerged during a time of unprecedented change, through the integration of many business turnaround services such as coaching, organisational development, leadership development, business consulting and change management. Previously, these areas operated in isolation and struggled to provide a holistic solution.

Our own experience took us on a journey in which we looked afresh at what organisation development consultancy was about, how we did it and how we engaged with others. We discovered the importance of becoming change agents: contributing to whole system transformation, looking beyond the mundane to ask bigger questions and considering the needs, not just of business, but the community as a whole.

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