Leadership development strategic partners

Our ability to collaborate with the right people at the right time is central to the way we work. We call on the services of a central pool of associate and corporate partners for leadership development coaching to teams and groups. All have been closely involved in the development of Xenergie and through our collaboration with them we can provide a total solution.

Corporate partners include:

  1. Grubb Institute and Grubb Guild (view their website) – a global organisation offering thought-leadership through action research and publications who collaborate with us through continued experience and knowledge co-creation.
  2. Belbin Ireland (view their website) – the representatives for Belbin Team Role methodology in R.O.I. & N.I.
  3. Executive Core – a global executive coaching company, headquartered in the USA.
  4. Association for Coaching – an organisational member (OMAC).
  5. International Coach Federation

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