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Transforming organisations and systems Two ways our leadership turnaround skills transform organisations and systems

Coaching leadership teams and groups Transforming a group of individuals into a high performing team

These are some of our clients:

GECAS; Serco Group; AIB; Aviva; Beckman Coulter; Boston Scientific; Merit Medical; ICON plc; MSD France; Apple; Equinix UK; Telehouse UK; SAP; Coca Cola; ESB ....etc
Case Study Aviation Services

Sustainable business practices

sustainable business practicesWe strive to do business in a more enlightened way. This means taking responsibility for the impact of our work on society and the environment, and encouraging our clients to do the same. It’s part of our quest to become a truly sustainable business, using sustainable business practices, where we have a positive effect on the world around us through enhancing our wider social impact on people, profit and the planet.

Here is our strategy for positive impact:

  • People. Our performance coaching work has a social ripple effect – the changes in those who work directly with us impact and spread through teams, organisational partners, shareholders, families and others.
  • Planet. By harnessing their influence on people and developing the skills to be aware of their business impacts, organisations can change behaviours to make us a happier and more peaceful planet.
  • Profit. When there is a positive benefit for people and planet, there is always a greater opportunity for surplus.

How have we done so far?

Some examples of positive impact from our consultancy engagements:

A global impact on nursing education

A university school of nursing, midwifery and healthcare education was faced with cuts to public funding and a disheartened workforce struggling to find direction. They engaged Xenergie to explore the underlying issues and design a leadership development programme. This had to innovate and reinvent the school in collaboration with its associated systems and clinical partners. The impact has reached deep into the heart of nursing as a profession, with a global impression that has led to a rethink of not just the school itself, but the future of nursing education.

Building better leadership

A fast-growing medical devices manufacturer in a high compliance, LEAN environment, appointed Xenergie to develop ‘people skills’ within two senior managers. The result was that they realised the organisation had to adapt and build a bench of capable leaders to manage immense growth and diversification within a rapidly changing, unstable economic environment.

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