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choosing well

A ‘journey’ of discernment

Large, complex and ‘wicked’ problems (problems that have been around for years which get dusted under the carpet) call for a journey of adventurous discovery and discernment, rather than a few meetings of monologues. The relating and relatedness of the interested parties is paramount and trust needs to be built. But this takes time and, […]

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Waking up communications for a smarter planet

The changing meaning and role of corporate communications The last 30 years have demonstrated how technology and a ripe set of circumstances can transform the world and provide ’greater intelligence‘ at the touch of a button. However, our ability to truly reap the potential of technological invention and ensure the planet actually becomes smarter is not […]


Event: Galway – the City of Innovation

Xenergie International and Belbin Ireland host a free event on 2nd July 2015 on the topic of driving innovation in organisations. One of the greatest tools available to companies today, to drive innovation, is team coaching.

Register now for free.


Self-Reflections on Developing as a Change Agent

By Avril O’Higgins (R&D – New Business Development at Goodman Medical Ireland Ltd)

AvrilI am still discovering the layered meaning of the term “change agent”; a Google search offers the definition “A person that encourages people to change their behaviour or opinions”.


Transforming through Uncertainty – the Cultural Dilemma in Financial Services

Innovation and transformation are common buzz words for C-suite executives these days.  However, living real transformation is a challenge above all other challenges and nowhere more than in financial services, a sector that weaves through all other sectors with significant global implications.  To date, the focus has been on banks but now the investment industry […]

What is Systemic Team Coaching? A participants perspective

So what is the Xenergie Systemic Team Coaching (STC) Certificate Programme all about?

I recently had the opportunity to speak to three of the participants of the programme, which gave me an insight into how their experience has affected, transformed and enlightened them.

People Feature – Lorna McDowell – Irish business etiquette

Originally published on Ignites Europe (a Financial Times Service) 17/3/15

While Ireland is an English-speaking country and has historically had close links with both the UK and US, people looking to do business in the Emerald Isle should not expect its culture to be exactly the same as its big trading partners.

STC Webinar Series – Diving deep: Culture change

Most organisations today are seeking business efficiencies and increased effectiveness.

This webinar (13.00GMT Mar 2nd) explores the concept of “creating containers” for change and systemic approaches to coaching team performance.

Click here to register for free.

Transforming your organisation’s full potential

Community and voluntary organisations face enormous challenges. The scale of their vision for making the world a better place is always ambitious. However, the day to day reality is often characterised by persistent, limiting, and energy sapping challenges. Discover a different way of tackling these challenges which helps organisations to transform.

Reaching the Deep Inner Space of Transformation with your Team for the Modern Day Renaissance

Whitepaper free

A new free Whitepaper by Lorna McDowell outlining how you can transform your team with your own Modern Day Renaissance.

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