On Christmas Eve in Poland it is custom to leave an empty place at the table and whoever sits at this place will be treated like family. The main reason for leaving an empty place is to make room for any unexpected guests who may turn up.

At Xenergie, the unexpected is core to our philosophy – it’s the X in our name! At our events, we always leave space for the unexpected, believing it will be filled by an experience that will benefit both the person that it happens to and ourselves.  And we encourage our clients and collaborators to do the same – it’s part of the abundance of resources available in ordinary, every day life.

In this way, we hope to ensure learning circulates to all parts, not just those who can afford it. If you are a person who would like to be an unexpected guest at our table, please write to us and let us know why.

Grants and charitable exchanges

As much of the inspiration for our corporate journey came from the University of Life and nature, we are passionate about helping to further the work of organisations and projects which are in some way ‘unconscious teachers’ of the collective voyage of humanity. This could be organisations who directly nurture the natural infrastructure of our planet, organisations who make it possible who have been prevented from learning and developing to access and experience it, and organisations that create learning experiences for all humanity, honouring the history and ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

As a social enterprise, we attribute 50% of our profits towards bursaries, grants, social development and donations  – it’s integral to who we are. If you have something you’d like us to consider, get in touch for an ‘on-line coffee’.

Some of the charities and organisations that Xenergie supports are:

International Coach Federation Xenergie coaches are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF). We adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe.

Xenergie is an Organisational Member (OMAC) of the Association for Coaching and both Directors are MAC (Members of the Association for Coaching).

The Grubb Institute UK is an applied research foundation working globally to mobilise values, faiths and beliefs as a resource for the transformation, healing and repair of organisations, people and society.

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