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People choose to work with Xenergie because of the freedom and potential they have to make a real difference. We want to sustain a business we can be proud of. To make this happen, we need brilliant people who inspire and deliver change all around them and who care deeply about making their world a better place.

That’s why we’re always looking for talented, ambitious, self starting and altruistic folks to come and join us in a number of roles. As well as coaches and consultants, we also need people who can keep improving our hive of operations and help us develop the flow of new ideas. This also requires a variety of personalities with a mix of skills, people who love organising and making things happen, people who like thinking, testing and experimenting, people with excellent technology skills, people with drawing and audio visual skills, people with great communication skills and people who make great online coffee! What counts is your desire for personal growth and to be part of a movement for change.

We are a virtual company, rather like a virtual beehive, buzzing across multiple locations to create nectar through our networks. Many of our team work from home or are on the move, so you must also be prepared to be flexible, intuitive, networked and self authorising – making online coffee requires this skill.

Internships and exchanges

We always want to hear from passionate students who aspire to be leaders of the future and also those from the University of Life. We offer internship and exchange programmes, for example where a student may like to execute their research projects through Xenergie and learn about our business in exchange. Or perhaps you are undergoing a career change and have a core skill that you can offer us in return for learning new skills. If you believe you have something to offer us in exchange for what we can offer you, get in touch and let’s explore over an ‘online coffee’ experience!

Can you fill these shoes ?

We are also looking for talented people to take up Coaching positions within Xenergie.

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