Gerard (Gerry) Ryan MCC, MICF


Gerard (Gerry) Ryan MCC, MICF

Leadership/Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor

Background Summary

Gerry’s background includes over 24 years within the manufacturing operations for a large Irish owned multinational food sector organisation. His career incorporated production and operations management roles, HR functions and T&D Manager. Throughout his career, Gerry developed a track record of enabling significant performance improvement in the businesses he managed through leveraging the organisations culture, structure, systems and people. Typical results included high performing businesses and very motivated, highly performing people. This led Gerry to being appointed to the role of ‘management coach’ in the early 90’s to work with the management teams of companies acquired  across UK/Europe to help them develop the skills and leadership capabilities to transform their organisations and deliver the ROI expected. Some of his achievements include;

  •  6 years managing the Training and Development function of a major food Group. He brought real business focus to this activity within the group leading to it becoming an integral part of all major change and improvement initiatives
  •  13 years in Operations Management in a series of business units delivering significant performance improvement through Leadership, Coaching and Organisational Development.
  •  4 years as a Management Coach within a large Irish owned multinational company, coaching senior and line management through culture and organisational change and business performance improvement, in Ireland, U.K. and Mainland Europe.

Coaching, Leadership and Coach Supervisor Expertise

Since 2000, Gerry has been involved in providing coaching and leader facilitation to other companies, and has been working in Ireland and Middle East. He is a skilled coach, facilitator and mentor who believes that coaching and developing individuals and teams at executive, management and supervisory level is a key competency, honed over many years. Keenly interested in leadership and its inherent challenge of bringing the potential of people to bear in organisations, Gerry devotes himself to this quest in all his work. Included among his clients are major multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, aviation, electronics and telecoms sectors. His areas of speciality are Leadership and management development, management practice, personal effectiveness, performance improvement, employee engagement and involvement, whole systems thinking, organisational change & change management, performance improvement and team development.

Gerry has played a leadership role within the professional coaching sector over many years, dedicated to developing the standards, credibility and professionalism of coaching in Ireland. As a result of this, he is now a member of a ‘supervision circle’ with 10 other coach supervisors based mainly in the UK. He is also a current member of the ICF Ireland ethics committee. Gerry’s approach to practising what he preaches means that he is continuously and actively engaged in his own personal and professional development, and this can be seen though the numerous qualifications, accreditations and training that he has undertaken since 1984, when he started his coaching pursuit by completing the Certificate in Training & Development from the Sheffield City Polytech. Since then, some of his notable learning experiences included; Diploma Business & Life Coaching, Certified Management Coach, Certified Coach Trainer with Coaching Development, Certificate in Coach Supervision and Mentor Coaching. The last 30 years of his in-depth analysis of coaching and different approaches to leadership development has lead him to attain the title of MCC (Master Credentialed Coach) level of credential with the ICF (International Coach Federation) which is its top level of award and he is currently THE ONLY COACH IN IRELAND with this level of credential!

Is he the Executive Leadership Coach for you?

If you are looking for not only an Executive Leadership and Senior Management Coach, but a man who trains and develops the top coaches, Gerry is the right choice for you! He brings maturity, down to earth attitude and a life experience to his work that can hold and work effectively with most challenges. Gerry coaches at all management levels within the client organisation, including CEO/VP, senior and middle management, frontline supervision and of course teams. As a very sought after coach, Gerry has consulted and helped thousands of people along his masterful journey, developing talent and being aware of dilemmas that occur in any organisation.

He will provide the support and challenge the individuals’ needs, within the context of a deeply respectful and trusting relationship, to develop, grow and to achieve their goals and those of their organisations. Gerry is goal orientated, future focused coach and mentor that will clarify your issues and challenges, customise a process that is best suited to your situation and review and monitor your progress through reflection in order to enable his clients to access their talents and resources that often lie dormant. His previous experience in operations management makes it easy for him to understand the typical concerns and challenges his clients face, and his utilisation of numerous analytical/psychological tools, e.g. Transactional Analysis (TA), provides Gerry with a basis to work with the psychological aspects of behaviour and performance.

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