Psychometric profiles

We offer a range of psychometric profiles as part of our business leadership coaching. These aim to measure several personal attributes, providing an insight into things like: working with others, handling stress and coping with the intellectual rigours of leadership.

Personal style print executive assessment
A snapshot view of a person’s personality type, how they operate in the world, their unique strengths, and areas for personal and emotional development. We can deliver this through assessments and one-to-one coaching over the phone or face-to-face. It provides a great starting block for any career, leadership change assessment and development process.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator
MBTI Step I  – an in-depth interpretive report for decision-making, sorting and learning information, problem solving, communications and conflict, social interaction and self-organisation.

Belbin® Team Role profile
For individuals, teams and groups. This is a measure of how a person, team or group will behave, contribute, and interrelate with others and describes a pattern of behaviour. It can be a self-perception or 360-degree survey (other’s perceptions of an individual).

Available in the store:

Individual BELBIN Team Role Profile (full 360)
Individual BELBIN Team Role Profile (SPI)

BELBIN Team / Group Reports

360 Survey of Influence
This 360-degree survey measures communication, collaboration and influencing style and tactics. It identifies how effectively an individual influences others by comparing self-perceptions to the perceptions of others.

EBW Emotional Intelligence
Measures eight behavioural clusters or ‘scales’ to provide an individual with a map of behaviour to improve their performance.

360 Leadership Assessment
An assessment that measures the five dimensions in which modern leaders exhibit strength – moral, intellectual, courageous, collaborative and visionary/inspirational.

Coaching Effectiveness Survey
This survey measures a coach’s skills, attitudes and process during coaching assignments.

Some of our surveys are 360-degree feedback assessments. This means we collect opinions about a person’s performance from a range of co-workers. It usually includes peers, direct reports, the boss and people outside the organisation, such as customers.

This allows the individual to understand how others perceive them. It provides a more complete picture, especially for discovering blind spots and neutralising weaknesses. We also conduct confidential interviews with observers to develop a more rounded analysis.

Xenergie assesses delegates on the internet using a powerful web-based solution for hosting and administering assessments and surveys. It keeps 360 respondent information completely confidential, as the data is aggregated and reported by respondent type only. We automate much of the survey process, which minimises the time required to roughly 20 minutes for each participant.

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