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Introduction to Systemic Team Coaching (Foundation Certificate)

Introduction to Systemic Team CoachingA three day executive coaching programme designed to create awareness and the first steps in practising team coaching as an intervention to assist organisational change and development.  Systemic Team Coaching is an advanced coaching methodology which enables depth transformational work with leaders, teams and organisational culture.

This programme will be delivered by Lorna McDowell FRSA MAC, developer of the methodology, and Gerry Ryan MCC, MICF, both of Xenergie International, the first company worldwide to offer professional training in Systemic Team Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation.   Both Gerry and Lorna have many years experience in coaching, strategy and management consulting with senior leaders and international teams in a wide range of organisations across all sectors.  They will be bringing the wisdom of their practical experience in working with the complexities of mindset change and shifting organisations to a new vision of organisational leadership and management.

The programme will take an interactive coaching-style approach and include discussion and practical assistance with:

  • New leadership for a new age  – enabling the great cultural shift
  • Reimagining work relationships and engagement –  directive vs non-directive
  • Understanding the choice and application of team coaching as an intervention
  • Limitations and avoidances of coaching practitioners in organisations – from  1-1 to team – practitioners’ avoidances
  • The stages of group and team life and common dysfunctions in group behaviour
  • Recognising and releasing cultural gridlocks – making the connections
  • Deepening your coaching skills to tackle underlying issues
  • An introduction to Belbin Team Roles and analysing team reports
  • Study of your own Belbin Team Role
  • Working with the unconscious:  systemic influences and neuro-science
  • Unlocking egos and drama triangles in relationships
  • Developing trust and connection between people
  • Engaging creatively and resourcefully with problems and setbacks
  • Peer consulting technique for innovation and problem solving
  • How people and organisations change and why they don’t
  • Scoping, contracting, planning and organising Systemic Team Coaching interventions
  • Team coaching taster practice
  • Becoming a professional practitioner
  • Project application (for those who wish to certify)

Introduction to Systemic Team CoachingParticipants will be assessed on their understanding and application of the learning at the end of the three days in order to gain a Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching Awareness or progress to the Team Performance Coaching Certificate and Advanced Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching.


Who is this course suitable for?

  • Business leaders and managers who wish to explore new leadership sciences and understand how to get more from their leadership and plan for strategic culture change
  • HR , Organisation Development and Change Managers who are looking to for insight on how to strategically engage people and transform  culture for a changing world
  • Consultants and coaches with some coach training who are looking to advance their learning and expand their competence to coach groups and teams and work strategically with organisational change

What will you gain from this course?

  • An understanding of the benefits of team coaching with a systemic approach as process for engaging people in culture change
  • An understanding of how team coaching will help drive efficiencies and assist change
  • Awareness of how leadership approaches must game change if they are to be effective in today and tomorrow’s highly connected business environment
  • An understanding of how team coaching can augment other organisational models such as LEAN, Six Sigma and project management
  • Greater awareness and depth in the practice of team coaching
  • A process for working with gridlocks, tensions, dramas and dilemmas
  • A practical method for engaging in innovation and creative conversations
  • A perspective on how team coaching can increase empowerment and engagement
  • Greater presence and efficacy as a coach through widening the lens through which you approach client challenges and goals
  • A Belbin Team Role profile and personal development plan as a change agent
  • Certification and credits towards an Advanced Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching


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