Action Learning Experiences in Systemic Change

Going Deeper

Working Systemically with Organisational Change and VUCA* - a professional development experience for change managers, project managers and organisational development practitioners

* VUCA - Velocity, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity


Are you ready to work more deeply and transformationally with organisational culture?   

  • How do you develop the skills of working more in depth with group dynamics and tackling the real issues under the surface?
  • How can you help people to be more strategic and long term focused, yet remain practical with short term priorities?
  • How can teams be used more effectively as a vehicle for innovation?
  • Is deep transformation actually possible?
  • How can you develop yourself as a change agent and become a better instrument of transformation?

Exploring these questions will help you to:

  • iceberg - what you cannot see 2Develop more insight in order to work more holistically
  • Build deeper dialogue rather than heated debate or passive avoidance
  • Become more impactful and add more value as an organisational change agent
  • Influence and consult more effectively
  • Resolve tensions and conflicts
  • Work systemically with the whole system and eco-system in mind
  • Calibrate on how to respond to ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Learn through others experience in similar roles across industries
  • Harvest your own experiences and develop by studying yourself in a live group experience
  • Be more inspired and be more inspirational to others
  • Discover more opportunities and resources for working with problems.

What are “Systemic Discovery” cohorts?

We bring together people from diverse backgrounds to explore important questions and share experiences about change and transformation.  The cohorts offer both the opportunity to learn from each other and also to explore new models for working with VUCA.

Importantly, we focus on the issues around deep transformation and change, and model the experience of “live learning”, where participants are coached through how to harvest the experiences that they are having with each other in the here and now of group life.   In other words, as well as learning about the “what and how” of change, the group is studying itself and using itself as a laboratory for testing and practicing new ways of operating.

People that take part in these cohorts often go on to do more advanced training in the models, such as Xenergie’s Advanced Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching.

How does it work?

Cohort members are encouraged to bring their questions, feelings and experiences about the challenges they face in order to engage in a peer consulting process facilitated by Xenergie Systemic Team Coaches.  Each workshop includes learning inputs and some models to experiment with, and the Xenergie facilitators help the group engage in meaning making using the models and engaging in live group action learning so that experiences are harvested into deeper insight  and practical applications.  Participants then experiment with their insights and learning between each workshop (3 workshops in total) and each workshop experience builds on and augments the experiences that are being generated, providing a rich support network for testing new ways of operating. 

Going Deeper Brochure

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About Xenergie International

We have a rich experience in helping organisations work more deeply with change.  Our systemic networked approach connects people inside and outside organisations to form cohorts of interest that share a common purpose around learning about leading change and innovation.

Our cohorts cross industries and countries including Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  We also have specialist groups within sectors, such as financial services, life sciences and health services.

We are beginning groups in the UK during 2015/2016 to work in a series of action learning cohorts beginning with 3 x 1 day workshops starting in December 2015, with an option to continue further for those who are interested. The workshops will be held in London, UK and there are 12 places available in total.

Course Facilitators

Lorna McDowell (MA FRSA)
Gerry Ryan (MCC, MICF)
Peter Marsh (MSc)
Katherine Long

Discussion Webinars


As part of our build up to our ‘Going Deeper’ workshops in London, UK over the coming months we invite you to engage with us over the preceding weeks to discuss the topic of going deeper in organisations.

Register here for our ‘Egosystem to Ecosystem’ webinar and join a discussion with our ‘Going Deeper’ facilitators on Thursday 12th November at 11am.


Dates and Locations
2019 dates to be announced, or please contact to arrange a bespoke programme for your organisation.

Please email for further details on dates and locations at or feel free to give us a call on  +353 91 638769 or +44 753 1163515.  

Fees and Booking Procedure

The cost for the series of three action learning workshops is £1,500.  This fee gives one individual the opportunity to attend all three workshops or the booking can be shared to substitute someone else in one's place (recognising the need for flexibility in our ever changing environment).


Price: €2,030.00

GB: £1,500.00
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