Working with Cultural Dilemmas Workshop

Working Across Cultures - Uncovering the Unconscious and Assumptions that  Block Growth

Every day we make assumptions and these assumptions drive our decisions and actions.  They are formed by conscious and unconscious ideas about how the world is and so we create our reality.  We perceive the world according to how we are – not how it is.   And therein lies lifetimes of cultural struggles – between nations, tribes, families, faiths and personality types. Culture is the assumptions, values, norms, ways of being that drive the behaviours of a group of persons.

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The success of all interventions, therefore, depends on the inner condition of the intervenors.   Never before has it been so important to understand and act from this principle, not just as a leader, but also to be a fully functioning person in our world today, a person that is able to exist calmly and resourcefully within the complexity and uncertainty of the changes in world systems that we are all experiencing.

To use a metaphor from Lemony Snicket in The Austere Academy, it is all too easy to end  up floating out to sea without realising that we have disconnected from our original intention... simply because we were working from the wrong set of assumptions and have failed to connect with what’s happening around us and inside us. Read more here...

Program in Brief

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11-12 June 2015*€1,595

* + Project follow up to achieve Certificate.

This program forms one of seven learning modules in Xenergie’s Systemic Innovation and Teaming Coaching (SITC) Practitioner Certification, a 12 month professional development program for those who want to work deeply and transformationally with organisational change.  This program is registered with both the International Coach Federation and Association for Coaching for continuous coach education learning points (CCEs).   Participants of the two day Working Across Cultures module will be invited to extend their learning to the full  Xenergie SITC programme, if they wish.


  • Explore culture as a means of addressing the dilemmas or issues we face as societies, organisations, etc. and the impact on individuals and teams.
  • Identify and reflect upon our own personal values and the impact on the team and organization systems in which we engage.
  • Develop the capacity to reflect upon our assumptions which block our development as individuals and teams (immunity to change)
  • Learn to create environments in which team and organizational diversity is leveraged and creativity arises from the dilemmas that are present.
  • Explore the evolutionary dynamics of culture and their relation to unlocking blockages and disconnects in organisational life

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Some bursaries are available for this course, please apply to John O'Boyle stating your reasons.

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Price: €150.00

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