Xenergie in Nature Series

Xenergie’s Summer Workshop Series is our exciting schedule of ‘Coaching Courses’ for spring/summer 2016. This is not an academic exercise, it is a real and practical journey in which we invite you to open up to the simple pleasures of life and see the world from a fresh perspective.

Executive Puja

An Inner Adventure for Business Owners and Managers who want to go Deeper

Puja is the Hindu act of showing reverence to the source of all things through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals.  Whatever our belief system, we all have our own personal ways of connecting to whatever source we believe we come from.   However, we sometimes need to disconnect from the daily doing of “keeping up” and need new inspiration to wake ourselves up.  

It’s not about what religion you follow, it’s about how you connect to yourself and your inner world to the overall nature of life on our planet and what it is calling from us in these times, a calling which is about realising the intense interconnectivity of everything.   Our ability to make connections from the micro to the macro in our everyday, has never been more important for making the big changes we need to make a better world.  It starts with you and your own inner adventure.

Our work should help us to feel we can make a difference, and as a business leader or owner, the ability to make a difference is often what drives you and connects you to something greater than yourself.   How can you inspire others to greatness and ignite this drive to make a difference within themselves?   Personal growth, as part of collective growth, is how businesses will prosper from now into the future.

Puja, in Xenergie’s context, is all about reconnecting to our personal growth through connecting to nature, and in doing so, show reverence to the planet that we all share, and to our interconnections.    We draw on nature’s wisdom to stimulate a powerful odyssey for business owners and managers who want to touch something deeper in themselves and others in how they lead.

In this spiritually uplifting retreat, Xenergie invites you to step into a new world within our world along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.  Here you will discover some deeper parts of yourself that will help you to navigate the uncertain situations ahead, situations in which you must provide leadership, encouragement, new ways and hope for others .  We know that you must first encourage and revitalise yourself, because culture emanates from the energy of the leader!

For centuries, people have travelled to discover themselves and Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is the perfect spot with its rugged coastline and lunar landscape of the Burren.  Enter your own dreamtime, go to your edge  and discover some sacred places and conversations that will help you.  Revitalise yourself in confidence and privacy.  In the raw honesty of nature take a fresh look at your leadership.  We promise that it will help you to find clarity, refreshment and some answers that will help you move forward.


Enjoy learning about:

-          the context of new leadership, drawing on systems thinking and models such as Scharmer’s Theory U and Wilber’s AQAL model,  rainbow

-          practical tips on leading deep change and real transformation

-          yourself as an agent of change and an energiser of people

-          metaphors of transformation through nature and adventure from arctic explorers and people who are highly connected to the land

-          sustainability and systems thinking, and what it real calls of oneself as a leader

-          personal daily practices such as mindfulness and walking meditation to help you stay centred

-          how personal and team coaching can support your systemic organisational adventure


Know that we’ll make it practical, enjoyable and real in your context.

Enjoy group discussions, 1-1 sessions, walks in nature, and personal space and time to relax and think.


Venue: Burren, Co Clare  

BurrenThe retreat will take place, completely “off the grid” at a retreat in the midst of the Burren, a UNESCO Geopark and one of Ireland’s most unique areas of outstanding natural beauty.  With its mix of mountains, beaches, cliffs & caves, and the renowned local hospitality, music and culture, this part of Ireland is truly magical

Set in the heart of organic farmland, natural woodland and mountain wilderness and, with nothing to disturb you beyond the odd wild goat, provides complete seclusion for those who want to get away from it all.

Over three days of deep nurture, we offer you the experience of deep listening to yourself and to gather insight for whatever challenges you wish to bring with you.  Whether you are at a crossroads in your life or business, or just need to refresh and reinspire yourself, we will help draw out the wisdom within you and around you, through deep listening and connection with nature.

Your hosts for the retreat will be Lorna McDowell, Gerry Ryan, Baljit Muston and Colm Brogan, who will work with you both individually and in group workshop. Workshops will be interspersed with walks and reflection time in the Burren, music and talks from local people, with time for  holistic treatments and massage (if you want to indulge)  and gourmet cooking by a cordon bleu chef to feed the inspiration.

This is an exclusive retreat with limited places.   It is possible to attend as a couple as some of the rooms are double bedded rooms.

Workshop places are priced according to the accommodation – first come first served.   Deposits are non-refundable.

3 day workshop, all meals and rooms / places as follows:

Workshop fee:  2,200 euros per person

Accommodation and full board for three days – please contact Xenergie for more information.

Please note that there is no internet.  This is an “off the grid” experience!


To make a booking or if you have any queries , email us at info@xenergie.com

or call us on +353 (0) 91638769

Price: €2,200.00

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The Natural Leader Programme

Customisable coaching programmes combined with embracing nature in the Burren National Park.

Team Conversations – Personal Growth – Transformation – Mindfulness – Inspiration

Accepting VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) is part of the new normal.  How we learn to adapt, live and lead more purposefully will determine how well we thrive.  Rather than looking to others to solve our problems, we need new ways to learn how to find answers within and to see an abundance of resources in the everyday.  It’s a mindset shift.

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Price: POA

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Transforming Conversations

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

- Anais Nin

What do you need to release in order to hear?  At the heart of all high performing teams is the ability to synthesise diverse personalities and perspectives towards purposeful action.   Conversations hold the power to transform, though too often they fail to reach the heart of the matter or get closed down because the team is unable to really hear each other.  Exploration of problems can only happen when we can explore things from a number of angles without discounting each other.

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Price: €115.00

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Transforming through Mindfulness and Momenting –Leadership Agility

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”
― Eckhart Tolle

Mindfulness is now recognised as one of the most helpful and uplifting techniques for working with stress and anxiety.   For leaders and teams everywhere, there are huge benefits to be gained by engaging regularly in mindfulness, and when engaging in mindfulness together with teams we open to a whole new vista of experience that is rewarding and replenishing to the soul for all.

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Price: €150.00

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Vision Quest – Personal Leadership Energiser – Executive Retreats to Inspire, Reflect and Renew

At Xenergie, we know the pressures and demands faced by senior managers to stay on top of everything and to lead in ever more inspiring ways through new conditions.   A day out with one of our experienced executive coaches can really help unpack and unlock tensions, ideas and insights and develop a personal vision quest.  We offer a panel of highly experienced senior executive coaches who will walk with you through your challenges and help hold up the mirror.

Although we will always try and accommodate you at short notice, bookings should be made well in advance of the need in order to secure the coach you want as our coaches are in high demand.  We advise you to book at least 14 days in advance and ideally plan ahead and develop a regular practice of a “walk and talk” with your Xenergie coach.

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Price: €795.00

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Innovate with Nature – Creative Problem Solving for Teams Working with the Emerging Future

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but seeing with new eyes”

- Marcel Proust

Tuning into nature’s resources provides a vast stimulation  for problem solving, lateral thinking and renewal.

Do you have a balance between your intuitive and logical reasoning?  In our VUCA world, leaders who can  work through intuition rather than relying on a perfect set of data.  Why? In the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing, we need to learn how to make decisions, quickly with the information we have and tune into the environment and change around us, in order to anticipate the future. You cannot plan from the certainty of past experience.

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Price: €115.00

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Holotropic Breathwork Residential Retreat – Deepening the Intuitive Adventure

Xenergie Professional Development Experiences for the Inner Traveller

This two-day residential workshop of Holotropic Breathwork, drumming/percussion and mindfulness in the West of Ireland offers a wonderful opportunity to step out of the routines and habits of daily life and explore deeper, often neglected facets of yourself.  A shift from left to right-brain, allowing something slower, creative, intuitive and embodied to emerge.

Holotropic Breathwork, developed by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, is a powerful mode of inner-exploration. The breathwork is based on the idea that we all have an inner healer, an internal wisdom that will guide us, at the right time, to whatever we need to meet within ourselves. All we need to do is breathe and get out of the way!

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Price: €495.00

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Working with Cultural Dilemmas Workshop

Working Across Cultures – Uncovering the Unconscious and Assumptions that  Block Growth

Every day we make assumptions and these assumptions drive our decisions and actions.  They are formed by conscious and unconscious ideas about how the world is and so we create our reality.  We perceive the world according to how we are – not how it is.   And therein lies lifetimes of cultural struggles – between nations, tribes, families, faiths and personality types. Culture is the assumptions, values, norms, ways of being that drive the behaviours of a group of persons.

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Price: €150.00

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