Innovate with Nature – Creative Problem Solving for Teams Working with the Emerging Future

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but seeing with new eyes”

- Marcel Proust

Tuning into nature's resources provides a vast stimulation  for problem solving, lateral thinking and renewal.

Do you have a balance between your intuitive and logical reasoning?  In our VUCA world, leaders who can  work through intuition rather than relying on a perfect set of data.  Why? In the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing, we need to learn how to make decisions, quickly with the information we have and tune into the environment and change around us, in order to anticipate the future. You cannot plan from the certainty of past experience.

How to transform your mind from being pensive and reactive, to mindfully open, reflective and proactive?  How can you actively co-create what is taking shape in your mind’s eye and help it find its feet in new ground?

Join us for a taster day in working with the emerging future and learn:

-          Mindfulness and deep listening techniques

-          Systemic thinking – working as part of nature’s ecosystem

-          Questing and working with the natural world to find insight

-          Developing a personal reflective practice.

Kinvara, Co Galway, Ireland

Price: ‎€115 per person. (Minimum of 6 people.)

Price: €115.00

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