The Natural Leader Programme

Customisable coaching programmes combined with embracing nature in the Burren National Park.

Team Conversations – Personal Growth – Transformation – Mindfulness - Inspiration

Accepting VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) is part of the new normal.  How we learn to adapt, live and lead more purposefully will determine how well we thrive.  Rather than looking to others to solve our problems, we need new ways to learn how to find answers within and to see an abundance of resources in the everyday.  It’s a mindset shift.

This kind of transformation calls us to study our natural state and how we have become disconnected from our visceral sense of purpose, and to question and why we may no longer be having the impact we once had.   No better place to reconnect to your nature than in nature itself.

BurrenIreland’s West has long since been a place of pilgrimage.  The land of saints and scholars has reinvented itself again and again through geological ice ages, famine and recession and has always retained its soul.  We invite you to immerse yourself in this landscape and walk your way to new understandings, new vision and renewed purpose in your life.

Our programmes are fully customisable, or join us for one of our regular ‘Xenergise in Nature’ days if you want to meet other like minds. Events can be tailored from a few hours to a few months, with walks from the very gentle to the more challenging. This is not an academic exercise, it is a real and practical adventure in which we invite you to open up to the simple pleasures of life and see the world from a fresh perspective.

If you have read this far, now is the time!

Contact us at to design your programme or call us on + 353 (91) 638769.

Alternatively why not join one of our ‘Xenergise in Nature’ days.

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