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Real Innovation

Real Innovation – How to Reach the Deep Inner Space of Transformation with your Team

The experience of our times is now commonly described as being full of “VUCA” (velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and the mantra of many management trainings today is how to increase one’s team performance for VUCA. However, VUCA is NOT the change itself, it’s a side effect that we are experiencing in our difficulty to express what is actually happening that we can’t name. The issue is that management training once again becomes an over simplification of the complex and addressing a much bigger issue of open heart surgery with a bit of “aspirin”.

Transformation through Teams

We can all remember people who have inspired us and made our teams better and helped us to achieve ambitious goals, be it in the classroom, on the sporting field or in business.  We can usually recognise, too, the impact they still have on performance.  It is the best team which achieves the most, not just the best individuals, and the leader you will remember is the one who stepped outside of the norm in some way, to make a heartfelt difference to you personally.

Leveraging Teams for Real Transformation

Are you exploring how to leverage the power of teams and engaging people in innovating?

Whilst there are many models and theories developing about how to be a change leader and work with teams and engage staff in being the designers of their own change, the real skill lies in the application and depth understanding of how they can work in practice.

Whilst one can even learn the theory of the application too, we argue that the successful facilitation of interventions can only be achieved if the facilitator or the consultant can truly walk his talk and has been through an innovation process in him or herself.  This is both a personal and organisational journey of great depth.

Systemic Team Coaching Certificate Interview 1

1 hour Systemic Team Coaching Webinar presentation with live student interview from 2012-13 cohort and FAQ from potential delegates. For more information on our Systemic Team Coaching certificate please download our brochure.

Systemic Team Coaching Certificate Interview 2

Graduate interview during our STC (Systemic Team Coaching Certificate) webinar series and her experience and organisational impact of this 220hrs, ICF accredited and AC recognised course.

The intention of the X-Perience Team Coaching programme is to provide a “container” for development, innovation and organisational culture transformation” through improvements to leadership, organisational capability, and sustainability, underpinned with systems thinking. The programme develops change agency skills within participants and effects outcomes through action discovery techniques, where participants learn as they apply and test new approaches.


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