What we do

Our work develops leaders and organisations to become culturally enabled for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

As organisation development consultants we help our clients become more aware, strategic, effective, agile and accountable, both for short term and long term impacts and driven by a culture of growth and opportunity. We holistically connect individuals, teams, organisations and eco-systems to take up purposeful roles and leadership towards better outcomes.

What is organisation development according to Xenergie?

Many of our clients don’t know where to begin when it comes to shifting their cultural gridlocks. However, they feel passionately that something needs to be improved and they want an approach that goes deeper and is more systemic.

They are experiencing ‘adaptive challenges’, where those who created them cannot solve them on their own as they are part of the problem, and because a number of interconnected parts need attention.

Being able “to see and act from the whole, the parts and under the surface” is an essential leadership skill for the world we live in.

(Inspirational reading: No man is an island… )

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Registered Office at Brogan's House, Main Street, Kinvara, Co Galway. International offices in Oxford, UK & Moscow, Russia. Limited company number IE336702
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