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Responding to changing context – business growth coaching for adaptive challenges

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“It’s now common knowledge that much of the world’s economic growth—and therefore the creation of new value—will take place in emerging markets such as Russia and CEE, China, India and Brazil.  By 2036, annual consumption in emerging markets will reach $30 trillion, according to McKinsey, the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism”.

We are in deep changing times.  Priorities and markets are changing and your organisation is only as relevant as it is responsible to contextual changes.  Where will your future business growth come from?    How will you align your culture to succeed?   Considering the answers to these questions poses an “adaptive challenge” – one where the external environment that has changed significantly and cultural gridlocks hold back the organisation from seeing clearly and being able to adapt – because those who created the gridlocks that hold back progress, cannot solve them because they are part of the problem and because a number of interconnected parts need attention.

Our business development and strategy coaching helps organisations to remain agile and relevant.  We facilitate a coaching process – a journey of discovery – which will help you find new answers and develop stronger strategic leadership at the same time, tapping into a range of resources from inside and outside your organisation.   Over an agreed period of time, you will generate insight, formulate new directions and plans, test approaches and bring people with you, in a way that is flexible enough to cope with a fast changing world.
Whether you want to stimulate your strategic thinking, ramp up your sales or get a foothold in new markets, we can help.

“All is fine reports the captain.  But the ship is still sailing in the wrong direction”  Edward de Bono

A ship with serious equipment failure and low crew morale is in danger of sinking.  A new captain is appointed, the damaged equipment is replaced or repaired and the crew is happy.  The ship sets sail but its course is unchanged.  It continues to sail in the wrong direction.  Many organisational cultures have been built to maintain the status quo, rather than courageously break new ground.  Growth in new markets requires new mindsets, not the same old practices based on outdated assumptions.



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