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All systems go through life cycles with seasons of success, progress and setbacks, so is there a quick fix to transforming organisations and systems change?

Starting and growing cycles feel like spring. People are excited about the possibilities, problems get solved and energy abounds. However, new challenges emerge as the organisation scales to keep up with growth and success.

As more rules are introduced to control and prevent problems, people struggle to accommodate them. Norms appear out of nowhere as “the culture” takes on a life of its own. A dying cycle of winter begins as the organisation fails to keep pace with the changing context. The ‘system’ has become side tracked from its original purpose and becomes the problem rather than the solution.

There is no quick fix to transforming organisations and whole system change. The journey is just as important as the destination, because it is what you learn along the way that is truly transformational – and our leadership development team can help you experience it.

There are two ways we use our leadership turnaround skills to transform organisations and systems:

Discovery action learning for transforming organisations and systems

Xenergie approaches whole system transformation through action learning, where deep understanding is ingrained as we travel through the issues. Key to this part of our executive coaching process is letting go of what is no longer useful, then opening up to future possibilities before finding a way forward. This is a personal journey and requires competent and experienced guides.

This intervention is not just for companies experiencing problems now, but for all organisations. These cycles are a natural part of growth, so dealing with them is essential for your continued health.

Design – Raising the Reedbed

Working with an organisation’s culture often causes a rethink of its structural design.  The traditional, hierarchical, model for an organisation was founded to prevent disasters rather than to create growth and success. We can help you review this, using our ‘reedbed’ model, which takes its cue from a permaculture process that purifies water treatment.

In our management coaching model, the water is replaced by energy circulation. We start transforming organisations by helping them see itself and act as a ‘human energy eco-system’, conscious of the connection between human energy inputs / outputs and business outcomes. This enables it to recycle and generate resources for itself and others – it becomes an innovation eco-system.

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