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John O Boyle

Head of Team Development

6 July 2021

The collaborative versus the solo leader

Leadership in a team setting is much less about command and control, and more about getting the most out of a diverse and experienced group of individuals.” – ERNST AND YOUNG, 2013 

4 May 2021

Building Sustainable Teams

Disruption comes in many forms, but rarely does it arrive simultaneously and globally.

The pace of change has been accelerating for decades, yet many of us find ourselves as now not only locked down, but also locked out of our ability to change. So how do we move on to a sustainable future?

23 March 2021

Teams in the new world

What happens to teams when a major disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic hits the global economy in a massively accelerated timeframe?

Suddenly everything has changed: the horizons are turned around, and a world envisioned only by futurists and visionaries is playing out in real time on data terminals, social network feeds, and television screens.