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Organisational Culture

2 December 2021

Getting beyond the Impasse of Cultural Gridlock to Reveal New Forms of Growth

When Zuckerberg ushered us into the Metaverse recently, many felt that he was brushing over Frances Haugen’s whistleblowing insights by focusing on a rebrand of the company, rather than the shortcomings.    The competitive race for innovation vs our ability to integrate continues to be one of humanity’s greatest dilemmas – many would argue we have not progressed in closing the gap because those who are at the cutting edge lack the patience and empathy for those at the lagging edge and vice versa.    Whilst this has always been so, as life accelerates faster into a digital age with all manner of other disruptions, the costs of separation are higher than ever and chaos...

15 October 2021

Gamechanging for sustainability with Boston Scientific.

The word Transformation is often used to cover types of change and Med-tech will change fundamentally in the coming years. With new regulations, the advent of AI, self-directed patient care and much else will create pressure on current operations to shift into new ways of working to remain sustainable.

2 June 2021

Five ways organisations can prepare for future change

In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of thinking systemically and sustainably, in order to be best prepared for the future. Advances in technology and the workplace transition from on-premise to remote, to now a hybrid of the two, promises disruption after disruption, but what does this mean for the organisation of the future? Beyond talk of digital human and driverless cars, how can humans relate to the future? Here are five things to bear in mind as your organisation prepares for future change.

26 May 2021

There’s no going ‘back to normal’: So where are we going instead?

The Difficulty with the Big Shift to Sustainability and Systemic Seeing.

All around us are the very real signs that we are in a massive transformation, and people are at different stages of grasping the enormity of it. Gleicher’s Formula for change speaks to the fact that change is possible when people have a clear vision of the future. However, what happens when the future isn’t clear? Or is it that the picture we are being shown is simply too overwhelming?  

9 April 2021

Developing a consulting capability in your organisation.

If you're climbing Mount Everest, you’d rather Sherpa Tenzing by your side than go alone.

What has a Sherpa got to do with developing capabilities in your organisation you might ask?

Xenergie's definition of a Sherpa goes as follows:

"A Sherpa is a highly tuned change agent, beyond the usual notions of project director, who has a multi-faceted skill set, linked to both strategy and a depth and breadth of awareness around human and ecological systems. They have the ability to accompany people on a journey into the unknown, whilst teaching them how to navigate the journey themselves. raising awareness, building team spirit towards a meaningful shared purpose and make sense of the...