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The word Transformation is often used to cover types of change and Med-tech will change fundamentally in the coming years. With new regulations, the advent of AI, self-directed patient care and much else will create pressure on current operations to shift into new ways of working to remain sustainable.

However, Transformation is not a logical step change or a training event, it’s a very messy and multi-faceted long journey through peeling layers, to expose what is there, and to work with many complexities, uncertainties, unexpected events, highs and lows, all moving parts. The interconnected nature of everything becomes very apparent, as does the power and quality of thought onto outcomes. People have to evolve personally and professionally to keep up and be better at working together in new ways. It is an inextricably linked personal AND a collective journey, that upgrades the level of thinking and operating to new levels, at pace with a fast-shifting context.

We bring to your attention an award-winning change leadership capability development approach that builds strategy as you learn, and can scale in all industries.

Xenergie has systemised a “living change” approach, based on 20 years of experience in developing change leaders and facilitating meaningful client transformation journeys in global organisations, notably in matrix environments. This programme focuses on the deeper and complex human leadership capability on which successful transformation pivots. It interweaves around other core transformation programmes which drive the “content” and technical inputs.

It builds capability for change and accelerates the success of operating model shifts and digital transformation. It integrates strategy, stakeholder engagement and leadership development with in-the-moment coaching through change as they happen, with learning easily integrated with a busy work schedule.

Teams release the past, come together and embrace a journey into the future. It embeds new mindsets resulting in new sustainable operating models, innovation and leadership, with a shared and common purpose.

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