Tapping The Untapped

Whether you are a leader looking for inspiration, a facilitator looking for a new way forward or just reflecting on your business or career, we can offer you a range of courses and diplomas suited to your needs, just check out our list below.


Thought provoking and challenging whilst taking your leadership thinking to a whole new level.


We know how much you need to learn as you move through an organisation and the faster you advance the more you need to learn in a short space of time. Let us help you in your endeavours.


Every now and then there is a need to take stock, think through your alternatives and our courses are there to support you as you think through your options.


So many Xenergie Alumni are keen to learn and develop more and we have courses available at whatever level you are at

Game Changers

The ultimate challenge take your knowledge, expertise and transformational powers and learn how to influence and change not just your organisation, but the wider stakeholders you need to engage with.