Advanced Diploma in Systemic Transformation of Organisations

Option 3 Systemic Transformation Accreditation (Full Diploma)

Develop your role in evolving human organisational systems. Become an accredited systemic consultant and reimagine the untapped potential within yourself and your organisation(s). Prepare now for the future that is arriving already.

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About The Course

18 months

Availability & Booking

About The Course

Systemic Transformation Accreditation  (Full Diploma)

£11,250​ (or 18 months x £700)

17.5 days of face to face, or 112 hours online (or a hybrid of the two) plus 10 hours of 1:1 coaching plus monthly project mentoring plus accreditation as a systemic practitioner.

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All the features of Option 1 and 2, plus advice and mentoring support for experimental delivery of systemic project in your chosen organisation or ecosystem. Reflection and assessment of the individual journey, the cohort journey and the organisational journey throughout the Diploma. Assessment and accreditation through a structured process including project presentations and personal development in thinking, being, doing and making an impact. 


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