Belbin Accreditation

Belbin Accreditation

Belbin Accreditation is recommended for anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles to improve the performance of teams and maximise working relationships.

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About The Course

"For me, Belbin is embedded in a culture of inclusiveness.  My Belbin Accreditation preparation and training was supported with a workbook, videos and friendly, helpful and very efficient communication.  Throughout the experiential training, Belbin walked the 'inclusion' walk by practically interconnecting team roles and using the Belbin language.   The use of case studies provided an excellent integrated learning platform."

Kathy Kirwan | Altitude Team Development Jan' 2021

The Online Belbin Accreditation takes place over 3 half days, Tuesday - Thursday 9.30 am - 1.30 pm.  

By attending the Accreditation course, you will discover the real Belbin and gain the depth of knowledge and practical tools to present yourself as a true Belbin expert. The Accreditation stays with YOU, so it is a real investment in your future. 

We offer various ways to take the course in order to suit all your needs:

Open Online Belbin Accreditation:

  • We have split the Belbin Accreditation course into three half-day modules plus an additional one-hour Belbin Accreditation test.
  • Each module has been developed specifically for online delivery, yet remains trainer-led, giving you the best of both worlds.

1-1 Online Belbin Accreditation:

  • We offer bespoke 1-1 training. For example, some participants enjoy exploring a module each morning, others prefer to mix this up with a module or two in the afternoon.
  • Each module is led by one of our trainers, which means that you have access to their experience and knowledge.

In house online Belbin Accreditation:

  • We run the online Belbin Accreditation for organisations that would like more than four people Belbin Accredited.
  • It's always beneficial to have the Belbin knowledge shared within an organisation -it also means all the work doesn't fall just on one pair of shoulders!

The cost to become Belbin Accredited online is £1545 + VAT per personThis includes the workbook and access to slides and handouts to use after the Accreditation. On successful completion of the Belbin Accreditation test, you will also receive a signed certificate, a Belbin logo that shows you are Accredited, and access to 'Belbin' resources for accredited members. 


 For any other options please contact John O'Boyle Director of Belbin Ireland on +353 (0)86 304 2185 or via email: 

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International Ireland

22 May 2022

Plus VAT per person

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