In today's inter-connected world, assessment tools accelerate systemic awareness with clarity and precision, providing stimulating feedback for the organisation and the individual.

Assessments help to explore the whole truth and can bring significant clarity to the development of teams and hiring of key talent, and also in analysing organisational change and gridlocks.

Subjective opinions regarding an executive’s skills and performance tend to be bias and not truly representative of his or her place in an organisation. Objective assessment, rooted in research and decades of data, tells the true story of an executive’s – or a team’s - natural strengths and abilities, areas for development and can indicate future performance and fit for role.

Xenergie has selected an insightful range of tools that help broaden and deepen perspectives, carefully curated for a new era of socially aware, sustainable business leadership, where inspirational leadership, engaged people working together towards a greater good is of the essence.

Which tool is for you?

Belbin Team Roles™ – Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams, enabling individuals to be able to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way.

Spiral Dynamics™ - understand the landscape of social memes and change readiness in your organisation and the value systems of your staff, based on Spiral Dynamic theory.


A practical day of Belbin Team Roles

Turns groups of individuals into real teams to collaborate for exceptional results whilst working in a creative and supportive environment.

In a nutshell, Belbin Team Role Profiles will give you; 

  • Do you want a practical, scientifically proven programme in your coaching toolkit to get your team working more effectively?
  • Do you want to get more from the teams you work with but want to hit the ground running?
  • Are you self-taught with Belbin and want to find out more?
  • Never heard of Belbin before today, but think it sounds promising?

Join our hands-on one-day online course to help you understand how to use Belbin Team Roles -defined, strategic and easy-to-implement approach to generating efficiency through teams.

Recently converted for online delivery, the course is run by our enthusiastic and experienced team who will provide everything you need to get started with Belbin.

Book one of the dates in 2021:

  • May 11th
  • August 10th
  • November 9th

Belbin Circle

From 10 am till 4 pm.


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To enhance the experience, order online assessments prior to the ​learning session.

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A practical day of Spiral Dynamics

Join our 6 hour practical day and understand the concept of Spiral Dynamics to apply assessments in your work.

Spiral Dynamics profiles allow matching the individual and organisational values, discover current mismatches and create a clear roadmap for an organisational shift to a desired state. Through debriefing on the reports, key stakeholders develop a deep understanding of underlying processes that need to be considered in order to make a change happen.undefined-3

  • Values Report covers individual profile of values with clarity around acceptances and rejections that can influence behaviours as well as give a perspective for different situations whether being under pressure or aspiration. Understanding Spiral Dynamics profile of an individual or a group, it becomes easier to assign right people for right work, assist them in personal growth and predict their success.
  • Change Report reflects the dynamics of change and works towards creating awareness of challenges and the path going through the changes either within the organisation or in personal life.
  • Culture Report shows the interrelation of personal values of employees, cultural norms and the structures implemented with the organisation. It also helps to distinguish between the current and the desired state which is cruicial at the point of planning the change. Interventions and transition processes in organisations can be really successful when the culture and structure of the organisation is aligned with the deeper drives of employees.

Obtain a deep understanding of underlying values that define behaviours and view of employees as well as organisational culture and structure and develop a comprehensive vision of a transformational journey​.

Book one of the dates in 2021:

  • June 8
  • September 14
  • December 7

From 10 am till 4 pm
A session may be split into three 2-hour sessions based on groups availability

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To enhance the experience, order online assessments prior to the ​learning session.

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