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The Awareness 20/20 is a building tool that executes presence and self-awareness, enabling the prediction of leadership success. Use this assessment to explore how well a person inspires employee engagement whilst obtaining valuable results. The Awareness 20/20™ can help a leader operate with an entrepreneurial mindset in decision making, enabling leaders to take a more holistic view of individuals, teams and the organisation. 


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The world has changed...  and because of this we all must rapidly transform to meet the unprecedented organisational and economic challenges. Leaders of today’s world need to increase awareness of how they energise others, they need to learn to help employees be optimistic, hopeful and resilient – all whilst getting the job done. 



Awareness20/20TM helps the individual discover the 7 dimensions to awarenessThey tap into a range of cognitive, emotional, and behavioural tendencies that have been shown to relate to success in leadership roles. The Awareness 20/20™ is a 75-item measure that assesses a leaderʼs propensity to engage in mindful thinking with respect to one's inner self, other people (e.g. coworkers), and the broader organisation and/or community.


This is a 720 assessment which means it is 360 x 2 . The Awareness20/20™ is designed to be a long-term journey of development over time. A 720º assessment is designed to be administered over time to document improvement as opposed to a 360º assessment that is a single snapshot of feedback at a given moment.  



For senior leaders to harness their potential and  build  the  resilient  leadership style aimed at predicted business success. 



Online questionnaire, 1-1 feedback sessions.  

Feedback sessions are conducted by certified Awareness20/20 Practitioners.  

For those interested to be certified, let us know. 


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