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Build teams with awareness of how its members complement to each other and interact to predict the success of reaching the performance stage and outstanding business results. 


A Belbin Team Role Profile is a behavioural assessment tool that promotes self-awareness, strengths-based working and effective communication with colleagues and managers alike. 


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Effective teams are the fundamental building blocks of success and central to the cultivation of a working culture in which people feel valued, engaged and included - and supported in achieving their short and long-term professional goals. By understanding the roles and behaviours we naturally perform best and worst, we can enhance our interactions with others and our own productivity. Belbin’s team development framework paves the way for the introduction of team coaching culture, enabling individuals in charge of teams, expanding their team coaching competencies and helping them to design and facilitate interventions. In a nutshell the Belbin Process provides the foundation for the development of productive, successful and sustainable organisations.



Belbin Team Roles provide the language of teams, enabling people to project and talk about their behavioural strengths and ‘allowable weaknesses’ in a safe, non-confrontational and productive way.  They help to compose successful teams, fine-tune existing teams for high-performance, and ensure that each team member's behavioural contributions are harnessed to best effect.

A Belbin individual report, analyses an individual’s contributions according to the principles of the nine Belbin Team Roles, offering advice and guidance on how an individual might work best, communicate their preferences to others and cultivate their talents and strengths.  Belbin Circle

 In a nutshell, Belbin Team Role Profiles will give you:  

  • Self-aware individuals who can adapt their behaviours according to
    the situation and business need  
  • Balanced teams based on behavioural contributions rather than job titles  
  • The right people doing the right tasks, leading to better-performing teams  
  • Depersonalised team conversations, using a common language to discuss team contributions  
  • Informed, impartial decision-making, based on fact rather than a 'gut-feel' which may be subject to unconscious bias  
  • Confidence when making decisions involving people  
  • Insight into behavioural strengths and weaknesses which aren't necessarily revealed by a CV  
  • The language to help facilitate coaching conversations  



Whether you are a HR professional, coach, talent manager, career mentor or project manager, if you are interested in implementing a defined, strategic and measurable approach to generating efficiency through teams, Belbin – powered by Xenergie can offer a diverse range of solutions to meet your needs. 



Once you’ve selected you team, each team member completes a Self-Perception Inventory (SPI) questionnaire which takes 20 minutes to complete online. Profiling includes a minimum of four Observer Assessments (OA) completed by colleagues, former colleagues, associates, team members and others that know the individual well. An intelligent computer system produces an 8-page personal profile. Individual results are analysed as a collective through a Belbin Team Report that explores strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for team performance improvement.

It is recommended that each team member receives feedback on their personal profile, providing each participant with a personalised approach to getting the best from themselves. A group feedback session diagnoses and assesses the strengths, ‘allowable’ weaknesses and current operating style of the team.

Feedback sessions are conducted by certified Belbin Practitioners   

For those interested to be certified, Belbin Accreditation is held on regular basis by Belbin Ireland.


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