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An online Certificate Programme for leaders of organisational culture change to create the shift from surviving to thriving.

Build a Practical Strategy for Cultural Development

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Transforming Energy Xperience:

an approach to Culture Journey Mapping


Culture journey mapping is vitally important as it is the start of the process of creating lasting change. Think of it as your strategic step, it will open up conversations and critical thinking about resources, budgets and what actions and interventions are truly necessary. Uncover the important building building blocks to your organisations success.

Ignore the market noise, focus your thinking and prepare to understand how you can kick start you process with a clear structure and methodology.


The Transforming Energy Xperience is an Action Learning Development Programme in which participants develop their own perspectives on a suitable Culture Strategy for their organisation, depending on their starting points, The building blocks are designed to integrate with what you are already doing, and make it more impactful and give you practical starting points.

Crucially, these building blocks  make the link between person, team and organisation and the greater context of a changing world, helping you to organise a variety of inputs into a coherent programme of activity, from which you can design your culture interventions.


An open enrolment programme, to all organisations, with no pre-conditions to participation. A certificate is awarded .


2 hours weekly for 5 weeks (except session 3 - 3 hrs).  Start date 9th April 2021.  Other dates available on request - please ask us.


Online workshops, online collaboration platform, 1:1 consultation.




  • Develop further in-depth understanding of the real challenge of culture transformation and how to address it.
  • Uplift and accelerate, what you’re already doing.
  • Assess readiness and starting points, the overarching process that you will need, and the role of coaching, types of programmes and how to commission them well.
  • A journey map for leveraging teams and networks for game changing cultural shifts
  • Understand the success factors.
  • Practical strategy clinic – develop YOUR strategy.

Plus: FREE bonus podcasts: executive coaches, team assessors, futurists and other change leaders share their wisdom to help you understand the journey ahead.

Price: £995

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