Making a fresh start with your team to prepare for the new way of working.
Online Masterclass

   Online, Zoom


Only £120 pp per Masterclass

A series of 4 x 2 hour Masterclasses

Starting from the 15th of September 2021

Certification available on completion of the series

Fees (VAT excluded in the below price)

Choose up to 8 Masterclasses, where you can mix and match from each series (Releasing Energy and Regathering). Receive a discount when you register for 4 or more modules. There is also an option to pay in $ and € at check out. 

  • £120 per person per Masterclass
  • £450 per person for 4 Masterclasses
  • £750 per person for 8 Masterclasses 

Our Regathering Masterclasses will begin Wednesday the 15th with the option to attend a morning or afternoon Masterclass depending on your schedule. 

Wednesday 15th

  • 9-11am Reconnecting as a team
  • 2-4pm Dealing with conflict and dysfunction

Friday 17th

  • 9-11am Dealing with conflict and dysfunction
  • 2-4pm Reconnecting as a team

Wednesday 22nd

  • 9-11am Building a collaborative framework
  • 2-4pm Develop and sustain a high performing team

Friday 24th

  • 9-11am Develop and sustain a high performing team
  • 2-4pm Building a collaborative framework


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An Insight into our Regathering Masterclass Series:


Regathering as a team

Here's what we'll cover:

We host a series of 4 Masterclasses:

  • Reconnecting as a team
  • Dealing with Conflict and Dysfunction
  • Building a Collaborative Framework
  • Develop and Sustain a High Performing Team

Masterclass 1: Reconnecting as a Team

In the world we live in, almost no work is completed without a team, because we live, work, and play in groups. The shape of teams is disparate: from virtual teams, project teams, remote teams, and partial teams where contractors and permanent staff must work together to produce outcomes.   Now, teams are trying to re-gather, some in offices, or remotely, with uncertain times and more than ever need to re-gather, deal with issues, and move forward.  

 Here’s what we’ll cover

  • Re-engaging with each other, adjusting to the new reality. 
  • Awareness of Self, Team, and Leader. 
  • Belbin profiling feedback and application,  
  • Creating a Safe Space to be open and honest. 

Here’s what you’ll take away 

  • A framework to interpret the post COVID world 
  • practical toolkit to help you start the process of re-connecting with your team 
  • A look at your strengths, weaknesses as individuals and on a team level through applying simple tools 
  • How to create the right atmosphere for honest dialogue 


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Masterclass 2: Dealing with Conflict and Dysfunction

Dysfunctions of a Team and trust, open conversations with facilitation. Dealing with conflict and healing the energy of the team. Even before COVID, teams were facing multiple challenges and often feel under threat as a result. Teams are being downsized, more is expected for less resources and fewer people. There can be tangible pain in this process, so many so-called teams ignore these signs and just plough on, without the awareness or skills to mitigate the risk of the degenerative energy that can result from burnout, negativity, and disconnection.   

 Here’s what we’ll cover  

  • Dealing with Resistance by others and culture 
  • How to recognise the gridlocks and understand the emerging trends. 
  • Dysfunctions of a Team and trust. 
  • Open conversations with facilitation tips 

 Here’s what you’ll take away 

  • How to bring all team members with you on your change journey. 
  • A practical guide to Gridlocks and resolving them 
  • Achieving and maintaining trust within the team 
  • Facilitating a Safe Space for discussion. 

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Masterclass 3: Building a collaborative framework

Workplace teams are perpetually busy and challenged and often see no room, for pausing and reviewing much less collaborating to improve trust and efficiency. This masterclass helps leaders and teams develop a collaborative approach and increases efficiencies.  

Here’s what we’ll cover  

  • Stages of a team, how it is composed 
  • Practical Teamwork, and the pitfalls through the phases 
  • Increasing trust in your team,  
  • Team Charter and Setting responsibilities. 

 Here’s what you’ll take away 

  • A full understanding of how teams work. 
  • A practical guide to help you succeed and building through each phase 
  • Achieving and maintaining trust within the team 
  • A blueprint for real efficiency. 

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Masterclass 4: Develop and Sustain a High-Performance Team

Managers of high-performing teams are always evaluating priorities and team goals to ensure they are effective and aligned. Keep organisational goals top-of-mind by regularly communicating and connecting those goals to the team’s work. This masterclass shows how. 

Here’s what we’ll cover  

  • Introduction to High Performing Teams and Purpose 
  • Performing through transformation 
  • New mindsets and future scenario development. 
  • Planning for growth and contingency

 Here’s what you’ll take away 

  • Learning what differentiates a truly high performing team 
  • A toolkit for working with new mindsets 
  • Practical tools to enable teams to collaborate for exceptional results

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