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The principles of Spiral Dynamics theory allows for the development of a thorough roadmap for organisational change where people are placed as a central key driver.


Spiral Dynamics uncovered



According to McKinsey, 70% of planned organisational changes fail. Predicting and clearly understanding all the aspect of transformational change that can bring your company's performance to the top. Spiral Dynamics is a theory that explains change process by aligning and deeply analysing the natural process of values evolution, both from organisational and individual perspectives. Enabling your people see their roles in the process is a key to successful transformations.  




Spiral Dynamics assessments begin with a profile for your organisational culture that matches it to the personal values of your people based on Spiral Dynamics theory. Thus, creating a clear and manageable roadmap for cultural changes by looking into as-is versus to-be profiles for teams at any levels. 

Based on the Spiral Dynamic value systems, the profile yields deeper insight into people's values, convictions and drives that form the basis for how we think, decide and act. Individual Values Reports cover personal acceptances and rejections that can influence behaviours as well as give a perspective for different situations. Insights from this assessment make it easier to assign the right people for their suited role, predicting their success further.

Change report gives insight into how a transformation process unfolds within an individual.  At the same time, it is an indicator of the well-being of a person at a certain point in time. The change graph shows how a person's energy is divided across the five change states: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, new alpha and flex (as defined in Spiral Dynamics). Individual Change Reports reflect the dynamics of change and works towards creating awareness of individual challenges and the path going through the changes either within the organisation or in personal life.

Culture Report shows the interrelation of personal values of employees, cultural norms and the structures implemented with the organisational. It also helps to distinguish between the current and the desired state which is crucial at the point of planning the change. Interventions and transition processes in organisations can only be successful when the culture and structure of the organisation is aligned with the deeper drives of employees. The culture assessment is a unique and complex instrument that provides a lot of insights into different aspects of the whole system and it's dynamics. 



For internal HR and OD seniors to harness the awareness around people management for transformation.

For change-makers and leaders to support their understanding and enforce strategies to go through change. 

For internal and external coaches and consultants willing to empower their practice.  



Introduction session for the team to understand the concept of Spiral Dynamics, online questionnaire  and 1-1 feedback sessions. 

Feedback sessions are conducted by certified Spiral Dynamics Integral coaches. 

For those interested in certification, let us know 


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