Building the capacity of leaders and organisations to transform and establish better ways of working - suitable for a changing world - in which the ability to keep evolving with the context is key.


Become an accredited systemic change leader and maximise the potential within yourself and your organisation.


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The programme develops change leaders who can lead and facilitate deep transformation across systems, connecting individuals, teams and organisations with the eco-systems of which they are part, in repurposing their organisations to be fit for the future. 


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John Hannigan

CEO Circle Voluntary Housing Association

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Tony Keaveney

Executive VP, Regulatory Affairs, Merit Medical

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Carolina Corradi

Independent Consultant, Ex-COO Bank of New York Mellon


"What attracted me to the Diploma were the people. I was immediately fascinated by how they thought, how they looked at the world and how they conducted themselves. I am extremely happy with the instructors; it is very much a collegial approach, and they emphasise that they are constantly learning as we are. I would highly encourage people to consider this programme."

Paul Mitchell Banks Central Coast Consulting, Canada



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We have three options to get you started on your own journey into the world of systemic transformation.

Option 1: Start simple and discover the "Fundamentals of Systemic Analysis", providing you with the theory and tools to get to work

Option 2: Set your intention to learn the fundamentals and also experience using theory and tools in practice

Option 3: Accreditation as a Systemic Practitioner through application of your learning in real world situations

Option 1

Fundamentals of Systemic Analysis (Movement 1 of the Diploma)

£4,500 (or 6 months x £850)

7.5 days of face to face, or 48 hours online (or a hybrid of the two) plus 5 hours 1:1 coaching. Participants can then progress to further movements of the Diploma.


Option 2

Experiencing Systemic Transformation (Movements 1-3)

£7,950​ (or 12 months x £750)

15 days of face to face, or 96 hours online (or a hybrid of the two) plus 10 hours of 1:1 coaching.



Option 3

Systemic Transformation Accreditation  (Full Diploma)

£11,250​ (or 18 months x £700)

17.5 days of face to face, or 112 hours online (or a hybrid of the two) plus 10 hours of 1:1 coaching plus monthly project mentoring plus accreditation as a systemic practitioner.


Become part of a learning cohort who are passionate about using systemic approaches to make a difference

Learn the principles of emergent working and being within a living system

Become familiar with the core models and tools of systemic thinking and analysis

Develop your ability to deeply analyse situations through practice and experimentation

Learn and experience how to work with the energy of systems, including resistance, tensions and belief systems

Develop your ability to tune into systems and sense what is happening

Understand how to work with power and purpose


All the features of Option 1, plus.....

Experience a transformational retreat (face to face or online depending on local rules)

Understand how to work with compassion and without judgement across your whole ecosystem

Learn practical tools for design thinking, scenario development and stakeholder engagement

Explore the emerging world and start to prototype systemic interventions inside organisations and ecosystems

Learn how to design a systemic intervention in your organisation or with your clients and explore working with influence




All the features of Option 1 and 2, plus.....

Advice and mentoring support for experiential delivery of a systemic project in your chosen organisation or ecosystem

Reflection and assessment of the individual journey, the cohort journey and the organisational journey throughout the Diploma

Assessment and accreditation through a structured process including project presentations and personal development in thinking, being, doing and making an impact







Already systemically experienced? 

We are also interested in hearing from experienced systemic coaches and organisation analysts around the world who would like to update their training and be part of an international practice field.  The programme is structured to suit varying types of experience and development needs, including leaders who are interested in the methods but do not necessarily need the professional coaching qualification.  Prior experience can also reduce the time and cost required for accreditation.

Register your interest and download our Systemic Analysis white paper