Types of Course

Culture Journey Mapping

An online Certificate Programme for leaders of organisational culture change to create the shift from surviving to thriving. Build a Practical Strategy for Cultural Development.

Advanced Diploma in Systemic Transformation of Organisations

Become an accredited systemic change leader and maximise the potential within yourself and your organisation.

Team Performance Certificate

A professionally accredited programme in team coaching targeted at L&D managers, team leads and team coaches. This is a 6 module, year long course delivered online plus a practical project.

Belbin Courses

The Belbin courses are recommended for anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles to improve the performance of teams and maximise working relationships.

Spiral Dynamics courses

Learn to apply Spiral Dynamics theory into your practice: assess personal and group values, define organisational culture and outline its transformation route.

Leadership For a New World

Explore and develop awareness of the changing world and assess capabilities and predictors of success for leadership in a changing world, signposting further action in a number of areas.

Xenergie Master Classes

Join Xenergie in a brand new series of Master Classes, specifically designed to help you regroup and release the energy in yourself and your organisation.