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Moving Forward
Energy in Motion in an Emerging World
Online Masterclasses

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Only £120 pp per Masterclass

£450 pp per Masterclass Series (4 Masterclasses)

£750 pp (20% discount) for the two Masterclass Series

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Now is the time to move forward.

Regather your teams and release the energy.


Never before have we experienced so much disruption and uncertainty in such a short time.    
The trauma of 2020 and 2021 is still having significant impacts at a personal and organisational level.  
People are unsure about the prospect of returning to work in a hybrid face to face and online model,
with some organisations shifting their whole operation into a digital environment. 
In the early stages of the pandemic there was much talk of returning to normal, which then led to the concept of a "new normal".  We now see that there this will actually be a period of constant, ongoing and accelerating change.  This poses a huge risk of people becoming overwhelmed and teams becoming less productive.
As leaders, how can we all respond and step into a space of being comfortable with living in an interconnected, constantly evolving system?  
Now is the time move forward and Xenergie are here to help you on this next stage of the journey,
with a brand new series of Masterclasses in regathering your teams and releasing your energy.
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Click here to learn more about our series of 4 Masterclasses on regathering and making a fresh start


Click here to learn more about our series of 4 Masterclasses on a systemic approach to releasing energy


Prepare your team as you regather and re-connect before you start the next part of your journey into the world of hybrid working.



The regathering series will begin Wednesday the 15th of September with the option to attend morning or afternoon modules depending on your schedule. 


Increase your awareness of how working with personal and team energy can release the capacity and capability of your organisation.



The releasing energy series will begin Tuesday the 7th of September with the option to attend morning or afternoon modules depending on your schedule. 

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Choose the Masterclasses that suit you in each series (Regathering and Releasing Energy). Receive 20% discount when you register for all Masterclasses. 

 £120 per person per Masterclass
£450 per person for a 4 Masterclass series
£750 per person for both Masterclass series 


Exclusive Masterclasses are also available for your team - please contact us here

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Want to go deeper into any of the Masterclass topics?

  • Our Teams suite includes Team Assessment Tools and our Team Performance Certificate. 
  • Our Team suite also offers assessment tools such as Spiral Dynamics which is based on value assessments. This practical course helps to understand values that drive individuals, teams and organisations and to build strategies that support the change and evolution of the culture
  • We offer accreditation of Belbin Team Roles so that you can capitalise on your team's potential by helping you to understand how to use Belbin Team Roles- a defined, strategic and easy to implement approach to generating efficiency through teams.
  • Our advanced diploma on Organisational Culture Transformation is ideal for those wanting to become practitioners of systemic change.