Personal, team, organisational and ecosystem transformation

Drawing on our diverse and proven experience of transitioning multinational manufacturers, financial firms, government, community and faith sectors, Xenergie’s team of experts accompany your leaders, teams and organisation in transformational change.

At the heart of our services is our approach to Systemic Transformation. Enabling change through mindsets, behaviours and cultures, always maintaining a focus on systems level outcomes.

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We apply diagnostics and assessments at personal, team, organisation and ecosystem / community levels to explore the opportunities for change, enabled by emerging technologies. We transform organisations to become future-ready and sustainable, through facilitated Leadership and Organisational transformation journeys, culture roadmap development and providing leaders with access to our Organisational Culture Transformation Diploma. Individuals are supported in their own personal meaning making through the Diploma, through individual coaching and with wellness support.

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We recognise teams as the vehicle for change in an organisation, developing teams and leaders through team coaching and creating leadership for the future. We also enable community and cross-system change by applying multi-level systems thinking to create ecosystem transformation. The outcome of all our work is the creation of a new paradigm of sustainability leadership. This prepares leaders, organisations and ecosystems to thrive with a new way of thinking, being and doing in response to global economic, environmental and humanitarian challenges.


Why Systemic thinking is needed to solve global problems- Episode 2 of The Clusters Podcast

Nigell Russell, Head of Consulting at Xenergie Consulting explains the meaning behind systemic thinking, and why our ecosystem needs purposeful intervention in order to navigate through the VUCA world today.

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