Personal Meaning Making

At Xenergie, we take a practical and integral approach to what can be lofty thinking, bringing insights and ideas in a digestible way that is appropriate to the person, and their needs, and inviting you to a personal quest – you are the best author of your own meaning making and testing of the hypotheses!


Whilst personal meaning making is integrated into all our organisational programmes, many individuals choose to start their organisational journey alone, either on behalf of their organisation, or of their own accord as part of their own development and personal commitment to reflective practice, CPD, career transition and lifelong learning.  

Participants come from all domains of life to join our programmes and enjoy the cross-fertilisation of sectors and life experiences, discovering a refreshing of soul and purpose in their lives and work.

Organisational transformation approach

The benefits...

  • Mind – focus of attention and mastery of cognitive “operating system”.

  • Awareness – developing senses, ability to lead and work with complexity, interconnectivity, inner knowing and understand responses and impacts in a changing world.

  • Contextual Framing – our relationship with the journey and the untapped potential and opportunities of life and the systems in which we exist, and ability to work compassionately with this in a bigger and evolving context.

  • Body – the physical structures in which we exist, and our relationship of the intangible to the tangible, in a way that increases our energetic resonance with a dynamic universe.