Diagnostics and Assessments

Assessments help to explore the whole truth and can bring significant clarity to the development of teams and hiring of key talent, and also in analysing organisational change and gridlocks.

Subjective opinions regarding an executive’s skills and performance tend to be bias and not truly representative of his or her place in an organisation. Objective assessment, rooted in research and decades of data, tells the true story of an executive’s – or a team’s - natural strengths and abilities, areas for development and can indicate future performance and fit for role.

In today’s inter-connected world, assessment tools accelerate systemic awareness with clarity and precision, providing stimulating feedback for the organisation and the individual.

Xenergie has selected an insightful range of tools that help broaden and deepen perspectives, carefully curated for a new era of socially aware, sustainable business leadership, where inspirational leadership, engaged people working together towards a greater good is of the essence.

Which tool is for you?

Belbin Team Roles™ provide the language to teams that enable Belbin Circleindividuals to be able to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way.  Build teams with awareness of how their members complement each other and interact to predict the success of reaching peak performance and outstanding business results.

Our Belbin Team Role assessments can also be used in Higher Education and have been recognised for this globally for 30 years.  Click here to learn more on the Belbin tool for Higher Education

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undefinedAwareness 20/20™ measures how well a person listens and asserts, creates an environment of psychological safety, predictors of leadership success, and many different language influences. This assessment helps leaders explore their mindfulness and understand how they inspire engagement, work collaboratively and attain success. 

The Awareness 20/20™ can help a leader operate with an entrepreneurial mindset in decision making, enabling leaders to take a more holistic view of individuals, teams and the organisation.

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Values Assessment with Spiral Dynamics helps to understand theSpiral Dynamics Assessment landscape of social memes and change readiness in your organisation as well as the value systems of individuals and teams based on Spiral Dynamics theory. Coming from the Clare Graves research started in 1950s that studied the motives and drives of individuals, Spiral Dynamics introduces perspective to an organisation, whilst creating a common language of understanding individuals and the whole system as well as related processes and structures.

This perspective leads to a very systemic view of an organisational development with the understanding of seven main values systems (vMems) currently presented in the business world.

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