Personal Meaning Making

Those who are leading organisational transformation will attest to the frustration of bringing progressive ways to the table, as well as the messy journey of leading people through choppy waters. What got you here, won’t get you there in our emerging new world, and so developing new dimensions of awareness and interconnectivity in your working methods is essential as a leader and citizen of your organisation, industry and nation(s) into the future.

At Xenergie, personal meaning-making is about a personal quest for the new normal – the journey starts with yourself and is inspired by whom you meet along the way. Participants come from all domains of life to join our programmes and enjoy the cross-fertilisation of sectors and life experiences, discovering a refreshing of soul and purpose in their lives and work.

Whilst personal meaning-making is integrated into all our organisational programmes, many individuals choose to start their organisational journey alone, either on behalf of their organisation or of their own accord as part of their own development and personal commitment to reflective practice, CPD, career transition and lifelong learning.  


Xenergie’s Personal Meaning helps change leaders to change their minds, drive their own awareness and skills in connecting to change in creative and inspiring ways:

  • working and communicating systemically

  • connecting up the interconnections

  • helping to understand and digest the difficult stuff

  • working with the shadows, that which is emerging,
    hidden or in a blind spot

  • Handling uncertainty and building the capability to trust in new ways.

We help you feel connected, valued, trusted and positively impactful, as a leader, and create a climate of psychological safety and empowerment around the work to be done.
Organisational transformation approach

The benefits...

  • Developing Mind & Awareness – personalised learning 1-1 executive leadership coaching

  • Role Consultation – a reflective process, that transforms your experience of a situation, to help with problem-solving and situational role-taking

  • Collective Intelligence Events – join our community of change leaders, and participate in collective insight sessions to help develop your thinking, networks and understand responses and impacts in a changing world.

  • Mind, Body & Soul Connection – optimise your inner connections, from brain health and mindfulness to finding deeper connections within yourself, consult our team of holistic advisors or try something new to explore more dimensions of experience within.