Team Development

Organisations can only transform if they build the capability to transform at all levels of staff and for this the development of teams is essential. Teams are the essential vehicle for transformation – the trusting relationships in which people can make changes. Xenergie offers, as a complement to our senior leadership Programmes, a range of training Programmes that teach coaching skills, collaboration, teamwork and “leadership for a new world”.

Xenergie also holds exclusive rights and licenses for a number of assessment tools including Belbin, the world-renowned team profiling tool used to identify the strengths and potential of individuals within teams, thereby providing a simple framework for diversity and inclusion, for all sizes of businesses; and Awareness 20/20, a leadership development tool for predicting and developing leadership success. We offer a unique teams strategy and experience for companies that underpins all strategies and develops future talent, whilst embedding real change and organisational transformation.

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The benefits...

  • Better Team Cohesion
    One of the main causes of poor outcomes is poor team cohesion, where the individuals who are grouped together do not work well alongside one another. Our Team Development process corrects this
  • More Creativity
    Developed teams will encourage people to let their creativity come to light. But, unless the team is encouraged to use that creativity, the change will never take place.
  • Improved Efficiency
    In simple terms, it means that the business will bring in more money while spending less of their resources. So this directly leads to bottom line growth.
  • Flexible Mindsets
    Lastly, a team who has been through our development process, thinks differently and will act in that way.


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