Join the Social Energy Experience community 

When you join the community you open yourself to seeing and experiencing a whole world of different perspectives.  Community members are passionate about making an impact on the social aspects of work and life, applying systemic approaches to create better outcomes for everyone.  Whether it is inside an organisation, across a market sector or in wider society, the community support each other with knowledge, insights and opportunities.

Joining as part of the Social Energy Experience also gives you access to learning modules, events and much more.  Get in touch to find out more.

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Sharing your knowledge with the community 

Do you have a perspective you would like to share on how social connectivity and social energy impact your sector or profession?

We are undertaking cross-sector research to establish the true impact that working together and paying attention to the hidden aspects of organisations has on organisational performance.  In a truly collaborative, social way we are performing this research in cohorts of influential leaders who will learn from each other and also share across sectors.  We are paying particular attention to the following sectors:

Supply Chain - Finance - Marketing - Legal - Corporate Social Responsibility

If you would like to participate and become part of the solution we would love to hear from you.

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Make an impact on society through our charitable initiative, "Clusters"

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In times of unprecedented change, imagine the power of collaborative thinking. Then imagine that power increasing when you combine the thinking of game changers. Game changers from all walks of life. Game changers that care and want to help solve the issues, not just in their area of interest, be that business, politics, sport, entertainment or academia. So if you are a game changer in your walk of life and want to really make a difference in delivering change in the world then Clusters is a program designed for you.