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team leadership coachingOur work in organisation culture development and team leadership coaching develops leaders and organisations to become relevant for today’s business environment.

As organisation development consultants we help people understand what it means to be more effective, agile and accountable to the common good, by leading through people and to embody brand values,. We work at multiple levels across organisations with teams, individuals and inter-group dynamics, helping each part and person within the organisation to understand their role in the whole and to be relevant to the changing context in the world. This involves systems-thinking, analysis and dialogue that facilitates getting right to the heart of the matter and helping the organisation to participate in driving its own evolution and designing or improving their ways of working and collaborating across boundaries. In this way we focus on sustainable consulting, that builds capacity and knowledge within the organisation.

What is systemic organisation development according to Xenergie?

Many of our clients don’t know where to begin when it comes to reimagining how they need to improve or that they feel they are too close to the issues because they are part of the problem. They can articulate the symptoms of the problems they are having now, but cannot put their finger on the underlying cause because there are so many interconnecting factors, a number of which are unseen or unconscious and need a trained eye to spot them. However, they feel passionately that something needs to be improved and they want an approach that goes deeper, inspires and innovates and works systemically, not just plastering over the cracks. These are known as ‘adaptive challenges’, where those who created them cannot solve them on their own as they are part of the problem, and because a number of interconnected parts need attention.

Being able “to see and act from the whole, the parts and under the surface” is an essential leadership skill for the world we live in.

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