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In an unprecedented time of change...

Navigating the new environment

Leaders are facing unprecedented disruption, uncertainty and resource challenges. There is a need to achieve better, measurable outcomes. This requires guidance, support and enablement of new mindsets, capabilities and behaviours to thrive in the emerging post-digital, post-pandemic environment.





...we help you to respond

Creating the capability for systemic transformation

We work with organisations to:
  • Design new organisational models, ways of working and business outcomes that are fit for the emerging environment.
  • Create cultures, teams and leaders with the capabilities to thrive.
  • Develop leaders’ capabilities in systemic organisational transformation and management.
  • Coach leaders and team members to evolve and find their place in the new world.
Organisational Transformation
Ecosystem Transformation
Developing Teams and Leaders
Personal Meaning Making
Diagnostics and Assessments

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Moving forward in an uncertain world

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Culture Journey Mapping Programme

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Advanced Diploma in Organisational Culture Transformation

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A Practical Day of Spiral Dynamics

Unlock the challenges and reveal the potential with our 6-hour practical day course. From €380

Xenergie creates the capability for systemic change


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Join our online community now

Following on from our successful online event, our aim is to build a community for people, teams, and organisations on change journeys, where people can support each other and share their own experiences in the greater context of the changing world until we can get the whole world thinking collaboratively!

Why Systemic thinking is needed to solve global challenges- podcast episode available now!

In times of unprecendeted change, imagine the power of collaborative thinking. Join Nigel Russell, Head of Consulting and Sue Stockdale our podcast host in a conversation on why systemic thinking is needed to solve global challenges.