We release the social energy in your organisation to create better business. Now is the time to focus on the social “S-Factor” in ESG and to build sustainable, enduring business models.


“A company’s ability to deliver value for its investors is inextricably linked to the stakeholders it works with and serves, the society it operates in, and the natural resources it draws on.”
International Sustainability Standards Board, 2022


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Are you facing a complex organisational challenge and traditional project approaches 
are not working? Maybe you are trying to connect cultures in a post-merger integration. 
Maybe you are trying to release value in your supply chain. Or, maybe your leaders 
are simply not responding effectively to the emerging challenges of economic downturn, 
resource scarcity and changing legislation.

Our award winning systemic development 
approach releases leadership teams to see, think and act differently. Move out of the 
80% of change programmes that fail and into the 20% that create sustainable impacts.


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At the heart of building an organisation that lives by its commitment to social impact, breaks down the departmental silos and has a culture of continuous learning is the capability and knowledge of your people.

The Social Energy Experience is your space of online and face to face experiences, courses and insights to build this capability.

Develop systemic change leaders with our accredited diploma, build a portfolio of learning experiences for your leaders or pick individual courses - the choice is yours.
Join for free to browse around or become a member to gain exclusive access and discounts to the services you need to release the social energy in your organisation.


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Working with the social aspect of organisations is by nature a collaborative, connecting 
activity. But how can you do this if you only work inside your own organisation?

Join our international community of leaders who are passionate about releasing the social energy of their organisations and creating greater social impact, both within and outside these organisations. Learn from your peers, get access to exclusive events, develop yourself and become part of the conversation.


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Understanding the human dimension of your organisational ecosystem can be daunting 
and seem quite intangible.

What if you could measure the connectivity, the levels of awareness, the energy levels and see how these have a direct impact on organisational performance?

Through a process of research, data collection and engaging workshops find out what’s really happening and ensure that you are compliant to emerging legislation.


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What our customers say

"Xenergie’s focus on social energy will become a critical enabler for our organisation in 2023"

(HR Director, Global Supply Chain)

“We recommend using the platform given the high levels of engagement, and the team enjoys using it"

(VP, Regulatory Affairs)

"What attracted me to the Diploma were the people. I was immediately fascinated by how they thought, how they looked at the world. I would highly encourage people to consider this programme."

(Consulting company owner)

”It’s been an amazing programme. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering their own self development or working with teams."

(CEO, Social Housing Group)


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