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9 April 2021

Developing a consulting capability in your organisation.

If you're climbing Mount Everest, you’d rather Sherpa Tenzing by your side than go alone.

What has a Sherpa got to do with developing capabilities in your organisation you might ask?

Xenergie's definition of a Sherpa goes as follows:

"A Sherpa is a highly tuned change agent, beyond the usual notions of project director, who has a multi-faceted skill set, linked to both strategy and a depth and breadth of awareness around human and ecological systems. They have the ability to accompany people on a journey into the unknown, whilst teaching them how to navigate the journey themselves. raising awareness, building team spirit towards a meaningful shared purpose and make sense of the...

23 March 2021

Teams in the new world

What happens to teams when a major disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic hits the global economy in a massively accelerated timeframe?

Suddenly everything has changed: the horizons are turned around, and a world envisioned only by futurists and visionaries is playing out in real time on data terminals, social network feeds, and television screens.

3 March 2021

Who's turn is it to lead the conversation?

The corporate world is arguably in the greatest period of transformation. This revolution it is in, is largely one about how it shows up”, and the choices available in how it responds to the events of our time. With the right kind of leadership skills, this revolution is also a period of opportunity. So, who are the leaders we are talking about, and what is the “it” we are referring to in the corporate world? Who is the we” and who will drive this period of opportunity?

Those that got us here, those who will take us there, or the masterful collaboration of both and more?

Learning from our past mistakes

As we enter a new era, new types of leaders will be required to create, build and...

3 March 2021

Multi-level Systems Thinking

As we emerge into a post-digital, post-pandemic world we have seen how hyper-connected our societies, industries and environments have become. The well known metaphor of the butterfly flapping its wings and causing a storm on the other side of the world has become painfully evident over the last year. Whether it is due to digital transformation, globalisation, the impact of climate change or the pandemic we see how everything is connected.